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Technology is at the heart of your business. Oxford Information Labs provides state-of-the-art modern 'web' based software solutions to save your money and improve your workflow. We deliver software of the highest quality and consultancy to those requiring IT expertise with clear and friendly service.  OXIL are team of Professional IT Consultants with specialist knowledge in the areas of Object-oriented software engineering and Database design. We have the capability to give you powerful tools to improve your business and gain competitive advantage. OXIL are happy to work any number of pre-existing legacy systems and help you develop new systems for the future. We are able to develop software drivers and Web Services that can link your systems, and consolidate your information. Utilising the power of modern browser technology, OXIL are able deliver sophisticated business applications that will work on any platform (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux) without having to maintain or distribute any client software.

Corporate websites and Web services


Your website has gone beyond a brochure, it is critical for your business to function. Nowadays, websites have become a very importand channel for organisations to communicate with their customers, a critical differentiator to gain competitive edge and therefore increase revenue generation and reduce costs. Your website needs to be professionally managed. OXIL provides superb web design, engineering and hosting services, a Total Solution. Giving you, the website manager, the decision maker and person responsible for providing mission-critical internet services, peace of mind and high quality support. Using state-of-the-art content management tools you are empowered to manage sophisticated web content, products, news articles, advertising campaigns, and much more, without having to keep going back to IT Professionals.  State-of-the-art Content management tools  OXIL has a great deal of experience in taking over, enhancing, or integrating with legacy systems and software. We have successfully delivered seamless migration programmes for large organisations running mission-critical internet services seeking to upgrade their services. Corporate websites are no longer operated as a single entity within the Marketing Communications Mix. Corporate websites now sit within a scheme of Web services providing your customers with consolidated information from a number of channels: web sites; mobile devices; RSS Feeds; Social media; E-bulletins. Let OXIL advise you about how you can upgrade your Corporate Website, consolidate your internet information and establish Web Services. 

Mobile Technology


Android, iPhone, Blackberry application are ubiquitous in the marketing mix. In developing countries and rural areas it can be the only means of Internet communication. OXIL can develop mobile applications and connect them to your core internet services, therefore, the same information that is available on your website can be published to a mobile phone.  At OXIL, we support the paradigm of ‘write once, use many’. That means that you, the service provider or retailer, can create a single article, product listing, news item, advertising campaign, and the same content will then automatically appear on any number of channels: your website; your RSS feed; on an e-bulletin; your social media sites; and any number of mobile applications.

Great value and fair licensing

OXIL offers competitive pricing and discounts on Enterprise support and Rolling development contracts. We are happy to negotiate Royalty Free Licensing terms for you to use your software without necessarily purchasing our Support, ie. no "software lock-in".  OXIL makes every effort to save you money, not to reinvent the wheel, and to advise you if we believe there are better competitive products available on the market. Our objective is to concentrate your resources on the unique elements of your business system or workflow. We are big fans of Google Apps web services for things like: calendars, email, contact sharing, and Xero for online finances and accounts management. We have the skills to utilize Google, Xero, and other public APIs (such as Facebook), to link your software with other applications and centralise your workflow. We also have a large stock of pre-written software components (libraries), robust pre-tested building blocks that are working hard in other mission-critical systems. To save you time and development costs we typically offer to use these software components as the basis for your software development project and then offer them to you on a Perpetual Royalty Free basis. Thereby, reducing your upfront development costs and improving stability.